San Antonio Mediation

“Let us sit down and take counsel together; and if we differ from one another, let us understand why it is that we differ and understand just what the points at issue are.”  – Woodrow Wilsonhandshake

Skilled Attorneys will work diligently with their clients to try and reach reasonable settlements without the need of ADR or litigation.  However, during a contentious civil dispute or heated custody battle, anger, concern, and other emotions often get in the way of productive settlement negotiations.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is defined as “facilitated negotiation”; however, in order to “facilitate” the process, the mediator must be knowledgeable of the legal issues related to the case at hand and have the skills and experience to provide efficient counseling to the parties.

With seventeen years of experience in the Courtroom and with clients, as well as training hundreds of mediators in the skills of conflict resolution, I believe San Antonio Mediation is uniquely qualified to assist you and your clients in resolving their disputes.